Green On: The most pleasant and productive way of working

Joris Janssen & Daan Dohmen, Richard Bergmans, Thomas & Frank

Based on principles from the Special Forces

In Afghanistan, special forces operator Richard is preparing for a capture or kill mission far behind enemy lines. At the same time, Joris and Daan are working flat out in Amsterdam at their company Luscii to support 200,000 people in Europe and Africa in the battle against the Corona pandemic.

What do these two situations have in common? They are both Green On. Thanks to Green On principles, special forces operators can achieve superhuman feats in life-threatening situations. And thanks to Green On, Luscii is the fastest growing healthtech company in the Netherlands, with a four-day working week and a full-time salary for everyone. Green On puts the strength of the people above the processes. And it works everywhere and every time.

In this revolutionary book, Dr. Joris Janssen and Prof. Daan Dohmen and special forces operators Richard, Frenk and Thomas reveal the secret to their success through five principles: teamwork, flow, simplicity, trust and adaptability. Together they share fifty years’ worth of experience in leading and training people at start-ups, corporates and in combat situations. This book tells the gripping tale of the special forces and how their proven principles translate to the office floor. Full of practical tips to get started today with the world’s most enjoyable and productive way of working: Green On!