Happy New Year!

As always, this time of year invites to reflection. The past year was a cycling year for me. Strava counted 165 activities in 2023. I know, Tour de France participants cover more distance in three weeks than I in a year, but for me it is a step towards a more active lifestyle and fully aligned with my sustainability goals.

With ChatGPT, Grammarly and all kinds of smart home devices, the infrastructure around us seems to be getting smarter. That is not necessarily the case for people. The daily news gives limited reason to be optimistic. Conflicts drag on or are escalating. And while it should be a no-brainer, it took serious negotiations at the COP28 conference to recognize we should stop burning fossil fuels. And since then, participants already disagree about what they committed to.

New business

Closer to home, the 2iQ brand grew with the start of 2iQ Sustainability Advice. The prospects for ’24 are good, and the existing 2iQ activities will likely expand to include sustainability and circularity. Helping clients incorporate this into their strategy, operationalize it, and comply with relevant reporting standards can all help make this planet a better place. More details about new initiatives and collaborations will follow shortly.

Circle of life

On a personal level, we have seen both our kids find their place to live in 2023. So far, we have been able to avoid ‘experiencing grief and loneliness’ that, according to textbooks, may come from empty nest syndrome. On the other end of the generational spectrum, we learned that octogenarians have their challenges in life. For me, it was a shift in mindset to understand that good care may not always result in illness being cured. Getting comfortable given the circumstances may be the best to strive for in some cases.

Don’t ask about the novel! There was no progress in 2023. It will be finished, but it is unlikely in 2024. Probably the year will be too short to execute all my plans and live up to all my dreams and ambitions. But the year has an extra day compared to an average year, so you never know…

All the best!

Most importantly, I wish you and the people dear to you all the best for 2024. May you find good health, happiness and friendship in the new year!