All the best for 2023!

What kind of year was 2022?

This time of year is a time of reflection. Last year Covid was top of mind. In this part of the world, that is entirely different now, but in China, the worst is likely to come. Things are returning to normal while we seem to be able to keep some of the good things. We no longer need to justify any reluctance to commute in heavy traffic. Everyone is fluent in MS Teams, Webex, Zoom or whatever tool you use for online meetings. And that is all good.

Business-wise, things were OK, and on a personal level, when our daughter left home, we survived without developing an empty nest syndrome. Working from home gives more opportunities to have lunch and dinner together and to discuss the things of the world. Again, that is a good thing.

But after more than 75 years of peace, war is back in Europe. Geopolitics is front and centre again. Some megalomanic Russian guy is looking at the world the way Stalin did. Tens of thousands of people are killed, and millions are displaced or living in the most horrific circumstances. Energy and groceries are expensive, and although that is bad enough for many people, it is nothing compared to what the real victims are going through.


If any good can come from war, it is the momentum we create behind the energy transition. Post-Covid, the world was returning to the old normal. Collectively we failed to take the opportunity to rebuild the economy in a greener, more sustainable way. Apparently, it takes disasters as an incentive to think about change. And even now, we are still investing in short-term solutions instead of fully embracing renewable energy sources. But while momentum is building, there is still a chance for a positive outcome.

Plans for 2023

Compared to last year, similar things are on the bucket list. Exercise more, find time for writing (both blogs and novels) and spend quality time with friends and family. And most likely, there will be tenders to run, sourcing engagements to be supported, and IT programs to be managed. I intend to expand my portfolio a bit in the direction of sustainability. Next year will be a good year if I succeed in being involved in projects that explicitly state the ambition to make the world a better, more sustainable place. At this point in time, I have not thoroughly thought this through. I may need to develop additional skills and for sure need to find people with similar ambitions to work with. Changing the world is a collaborative effort.

Best wishes

I wish you and the ones close to you all the best. May success and, more importantly, joy, happiness and good health be on your path in 2023.