Life without Facebook…

Early in the new year is the time to think about life’s priorities. Numerous people start 2015 with the best intentions to live healthier lives by eating better, exercise more and if applicable stop smoking. When making up your mind about things to change this year, your Social Media behaviour may be part of the considerations as well. How much time did you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other app? How often meaningful personal conversation was interrupted quite abruptly by a ping or another annoying sound? And is that something you want to continue happening in the new year ahead?

For me, I’m starting a modest Social Media rehab program in 2015. Initially I will get rid of the apps that I use the least just to see if it works. Facebook will be the first to go. There may be some personal issues since shutting down my account will inevitably cause an ‘unfriending’ of all my Facebook acquaintances. Family will probably understand or at least ask questions that allow me to explain. My blog followers will have a pre-warning and any FB-friend that will take a digital message as a reason to terminate personal contact henceforward was probably incorrectly listed as a friend in the first place.

Thinking back, I have really no idea why I am still connected to Facebook. It doesn’t bring me anything I need. I entered years ago reluctantly when I needed to download something from a site that only granted access to owners of a Facebook account. And although I never willingly added any meaningful content, it seems to have grown ever since. I collected friends because I never found out how to get rid of the persistent reminders without actively conveying an I-don’t-want-to-be-your-friend-message to someone. And every now and then I downgrade my profile after reading another disturbing article about the violation of privacy of FB-users.

So Facebook will be the first to go, Twitter will probably be next. And my life in 2015 will be better because of it.